Life 101 (Bible study)

Sunday Morning at 9:30AM

What does LIFE 101 mean? Life is messy. Life can be hard. Life is a constant learning experience. Here at Friendship we never claim to have all life's answers but we know a God that has them all. Our church family is striving to live out life together in every way. 

What does living the story mean? God is real and He is telling a real story. The Bible is His inspired message throughout history and applies directly to our lives today. As a church family our goal is to become more like Jesus. To accomplish this we must live out the story that God has planned through daily life application.


How are Classes Set Up?

LIFE 101 classes are designed to encourage a mentorship environment where preschoolers through adults can learn about Biblical truth through life activity. This is NOT your typical classroom. Our classes may be learning about God's creation by walking through the woods while discussing how we fit into the wonderful world He made. Another class may be weaving baskets during their lessons on Moses. Other classes might be building a tower while learning about the Tower of Babel. Classes are not confined to the walls of a room. You never know what you will find when you open the door to learn about Christ in a real way.


Philosophy of Ministry

Our philosophy is quite simple actually. We want to see the children and adults at Friendship Baptist Church become like Jesus in every facet of their lives.


Ministry Goals

That members of our church family will:

  • Passionately serve Christ
  • Have untainted purity by being more concerned about God
  • Have a Surrendered Will
  • Know the Bible (historically, theologically, critically, and creatively)
  • Know who they are and whose they are
  • Living for an Audience of One
  • Love God; Love their neighbor
  • Be filled with victory
  • Have a servant's mind